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Download Rage PS3 ISO Free Full Version

Download Rage PS3 ISO Free Full Version

Download Rage PS3 PKG Free Full Version

On August 23, 2029, the Apollonian 99942 asteroid strikes the earth, causing the collision to endanger human civilization and turn the earth into a hollow bay. Survivors gathered together to create a base for living in places where life is still possible. However, bases made from bandits and mutated organisms are not safe. PS3 ISO

In 2135, former US Navy Lt. Nicholas Reyen emerged from an underground base called Ark. This collection of underground bases was created by an international agreement and named “Paradise” project. But the project, unlike imagination and hopes, was unsuccessful, and a large part of it was destroyed. Nicholas wakes up in this setting and looks for a way to get to the ground. But when they reach the ground, the bandits immediately attack him. Fortunately, Don Hager saves him and takes Nicholas to the shelter with him.

Download Rage PS3 ISO Free Full Version

The Rage game is made in the genre of action, adventure and shooting first person. The game was released by Studio id Software and Bethesda Softworks released it for Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows consoles. There are a variety of hot and cold weapons in this game and personalization of any weapon is also possible. The game has three modes: single-shot shooting, co-op mode, and machine combat option. In the final option, you can compete with 4 players in an environment with the machines you have found.

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You can use various tools in this game, from boomerang to guard robots and bomber cars. You can add colors, guns, or other items to your car by finding the pieces. In addition to first-person shootings and various war machines, the RAGE game has created a great land for you to search for and exciting side missions. PS3 Games Download

The graphics of the game, thanks to the new Megatexture technology, look more real than before. By putting the system at 60 frames per second, you will see superb graphics quality. Game calling has also added to its appeal. Game story is well written. During the game, you will notice that these mutated creatures are actually making their own hands. The different characters of the game are Jorkin’s pieces, from the past for the inhabitants of the earth, from Dr. Kevsir to Captain Marshall.

Download Rage PS3 ISO Free Full Version

If you are interested in the apocalyptic space and, of course, the style of shooting, do not miss this game. The stories, graphics and missions of those hours will entertain you.

Rage PS3 ISO Free DownloadPS3 PKG

Link EUR – BLES-01377 : Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6 – Part 7 – Part 8 – Part 9 – Part 10 – Part 11 – Part 12 – Part 13 – Part 14 – Part 15 – Part 16 – Part 17 – Part 18 (Pass:

Link PSN – NPUB30898 (Game + Update + DLC) : Download

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