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Download Medal of Honor Limited Edition PS3 ISO

Download Medal of Honor PS3 ISO Free Full Version

Download Medal of Honor (Limited Edition) PS3 PKG Free Full Version

The Medal of Honor game was made in the first-person shooter style by Danger Close Games and EA DICE, and Electronic Arts released it as the thirteenth game of the series and of course the 2010 reboot. As the previous episode referred to World War II, the Medal of Honor shows the Afghan war. The game is part of the Anaconda mission and a huge portion of the Roberts Raid battle. PS3 ISO

The single-engine section is powered by the Unreal Engine 3 engine, while the Frostbite engine is used for the multiplayer component.

Download Medal of Honor PS3 ISO Free Full Version

The gameplay generally refers to the missions of Afghanistan. Partial and standard goals such as hiding, saving prisoners and stealth operations. Thanks to the Unreal Engine 3 engine, players can easily move during combat, churn or land on the ground to escape the enemy’s throats. In single-mode mode, you can ask for help from your cohorts, which controls their computer, although the number of times is limited.

The techno section is designed by the Danger Close Games studio and shows the battles of Afghanistan in 2002. Half of the game, you play the role of an agent with the Rabbit code in the Navy’s special unit. In the sequel, the player’s role consists of three characters: one Delta Force trainer and one Dante Adam Ranger of the US Army from the 75 Rangers Regiment and the latest on-off attack helicopter Boeing ICH-64 Apache, named Hawkins.

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In the multiplayer section provided by the EA DICE studio, the player can choose from three classes: a gunman, a specialist and a squad player. During the game there are various weapons and equipment that you can get. PS3 Games Download

Download Medal of Honor PS3 ISO Free Full Version

Real shooters will enjoy this game. The game offers guns and good equipment, but the graphics do not look great. The mission and goals of the game will entertain you well. Overall, the game has been positive, but graphics and frames are just some of the game’s weaknesses. The game scores are 7 to top, and at that time it was a good start for you to return the Medal of Honor to the game arena. Of course, some criticized the multiplayer segment, not for graphics or gameplay, but for the Taliban option, meaning that multiplayer players could play as Taliban soldiers. The game’s developers responded to these criticisms: “Always in games when someone is a policeman, someone else has to be a thief, or an existing space, this is necessary for the game’s naturality.” It is your decision to ask which group to choose.

Medal of Honor PS3 ISO Free DownloadPS3 PKG


Medal of Honor (Limited Edition)

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