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Download Battlefield Hardline PS3 ISO Free Full Version

Download Battlefield Hardline PS3 ISO Free Full Version

Download Battlefield Hardline PS3 PKG Free Full Version

The Battlefield Hardline is a subcategory of the famous EA Battlefield Shooter series, which is now witnessing a civilian criminal incident in place of the battlefields. Certainly, many of us, when we hear the name of BethPhilde, recall the great and widespread battlegrounds between several countries, but in this title we saw the complete breakdown of this company and the transformation of large battlefields into the criminal struggle. In fact, There is nothing to do with the previous versions of this series, and only beltfield name is touched. I’m looking at the game from a new angle, and I’ll focus on technical issues like graphic evolution and progression rather than previous releases. PS3 ISO

The story of Battlefield Hardline generally focuses on the battle of the police with criminal groups, which mainly deal with materials. You also carry on missions in the role of Nicholas Medusa, a Miami city police officer, who was present at the beginning of the game as a prisoner by Nicholas! The same thing raises questions in the gamer’s minds, such as the reason for the arrest of Nicolas and … that you will be able to answer each one during the forward game. There are other influential characters in the story, including the Khai Minh Dao, Tyson Lachford and Marcus Bourne workshops of the harsh and misty women.

Download Battlefield Hardline PS3 ISO Free Full Version

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The story of the game, with the exception of the evolution of its subject, or a wide variation in the narrative, and this section directed by Ian Milham, has a serial and episodic narrative. In his work film, Mills has succeeded in various successful titles, including Dead Space 2, in an effort to present a fascinating criminal story. A story that incorporates various aspects of drama, anger, excitement and occasional comedy into ten episodes. Interestingly, if you exit the game, like the TV shows, you will see the upcoming events, the same thing happens when you log in to the game again. PS3 Games Download

The Battlefield Hardline gameplay is very different from the previous and largely realistic versions. In this game, you should not fight more than the opposite of things, but you can easily capture them in the most convenient form and without any struggle by showing off the police image on many occasions. From EA’s point of view It is somehow important that giving XP will encourage you to do this, but at times you will have to shoot because the offenders will attack you, which, along with the artificial intelligence of the enemies of the game, will see no comforts in the fight. We will not be with them. Also, new ideas have been added, such as throwing enemy’s senses by throwing various objects, and so on, each of which in turn, will affect the charm of the game more and more.

The playground environment is designed according to its process in ten stages and places. As a policeman, you always have to accumulate documents and signs. For this, a new feature is added to the game by which you can scan the environment and collect the documents.

Download Battlefield Hardline PS3 ISO Free Full Version

The graphics of the game, unlike its predecessors, each of which were among the best of their generation, did not have to be matched. The only positive factors that can be mentioned in this section is the vivid, full-featured design of faces and superb lighting. Other natural effects like blasting are not designed at all, and each one is more than just the other one. The texture and texture quality of 2 also did not really satisfy. In general, the only progress that the game is technically inferior to the design of the face of the characters. The music and sound of the game are also acceptable, but it can not be used as a masterpiece. One can not stand it alone; on the other hand, it’s hard to say its strengths.

Hardline was a different game from the famous series, which was created with a new style and alien studio. The game can not be described as a masterpiece, but its experience is not worthless.

Battlefield Hardline PS3 ISO Free DownloadPS3 PKG

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